Raising the bar on happiness and joy
Taster session 23 Oct
Weekend 12-13 Nov
Both at Totnes Natural Health Centre

Do you find that…
• just when your life is starting to look good, something goes wrong?
• you are not as happy and joyful as you would like?
• you keep repeating patterns that don’t serve you?
• you sabotage yourself?

It is now widely understood that we each have a ‘set point’ of how much happiness and joy we allow ourselves, and this set point is already in place by the time we reach puberty.

Our unconscious mind is only comfortable with this level of happiness and joy, and if we start to exceed it, then it ensures that we sabotage ourselves in some way in order to ensure we don’t go beyond our ‘set point’.

This means that rarely do we feel as happy and joyful as we would like.

However, it is easy to break these unconscious patterns using EFT, dissolving the negative beliefs buried in our unconscious minds and thus allowing ourselves to experience more happiness and joy.

Some of the unconscious beliefs come from our cultural and religious conditioning:
• Suffering is good
• It is noble to suffer
• If I suffer I will be rewarded

It doesn’t matter what you believe on a conscious level, these types of beliefs are hardwired into our psyches unconsciously.

This “habit” of suffering also comes from our parent’s beliefs and from our early life experiences.

All of which – both the cultural, religious and personal – can be dissolved using EFT, allowing you to feel free, relieved and liberated and to allow yourself to genuinely experience more happiness and joy.


It’s time we all let go of our life-sapping addiction to suffering, and start to have more fun, joy, pleasure and happiness.

On this course you will both clear a significant chunk of what stops you from experiencing deep fulfilling happiness and joy, and you will also learn how to continue the process afterwards.

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Cost £125 (or £95 if booked and paid by Oct 31)

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