Reclaiming our innate feminine essence
• Would you like to feel fabulous in your own skin, whatever your age, shape or size?
• Allow yourself more pleasure and fun?
• Revel in your sensuality?
• Unveil your innate feminine radiance?

This is the journey of embodied spiritual awakening… first we clear whatever stops us from living deeply in our bodies and reclaiming our innate beauty, radiance and capacity for love and pleasure… Going deeper we start to get in touch with the beauty of our own soul, and to deeply know that we ARE love.

It’s the most incredible journey… this journey of embodied awakening, because each day we feel more alive, more radiant, more awake and more beautiful inside.

The beauty of this path is that you feel better with each step – feeling more radiant, more passionate, more sexy, more alive… more powerful and more in touch with the beauty of your own soul, and your purpose in life.

As we re-emerge as the divine goddesses that we truly are, not only do we feel empowered, sexy, vital and alive… but we light up the world around us.

This is true embodied awakening.

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Cost: £125 (or £95 if booked and paid by Oct 19)