Healing our relationship with the divine

On this workshop we will uncover and begin the process of dissolving the ways in which we keep ourselves separate from Source, for example:

  • Our anger with God for abandoning us
  • Our shame that really it was us that ‘abandoned’ God
  • Our shame believing that we are miserable sinners
  • Our fear of being punished by God/being sent to hell
  • Our belief that we are separate from God
  • Our fear of being out of control/losing our identity

Until I started doing this work I couldn’t even use the word God. I used words like Spirit, the Universe and the Divine. All totally fine, but really I was avoiding my true feelings about God. Once I started unpacking these feelings I realised that I was furious with ‘Him’ for not being there for me, I was afraid of ‘Him’ punishing me, ashamed about not being good enough for ‘Him’… as I dissolved this though, a voice came into my mind saying: ‘This is not who I am’.

Although, on a conscious level, we often have a clear and evolved sense of the true divine, all the old fears and old fashioned beliefs about being miserable sinners and God punishing us are still held in every cell in our bodies. Clearing this stuff away is phenomenal – you genuinely start to feel like a child of God – in deep communion with the divine. Our egos won’t like this work, but until you clear your stuff around God you will always need crutches.

Even if we have an amazing relationship with Spirit, deep in our unconscious, we still have blocks: feelings such as fear, anger, abandonment, and beliefs such as I am a miserable sinner and I am separate from the Divine.

As we release these blocks our true communion with the Divine starts to re-emerge, enabling us to live our lives in a state of grace.

Dates to be announced