A nine-week course for women starting October 24

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Contrary to what society tells us, it is actually in the second half of our lives that women have access to our true power and radiance – to truly blossoming.

It is not about having the perfect thighs, relationship, home or online business…

I’m talking about real blossoming – shedding the beliefs and expectations that limit you, and emerging as the powerful, radiant, sacred being that you truly are.

  • Deeply knowing your own value
  • Becoming more authentic
  • Being in the flow of life
  • Knowing what you truly want and where you want to focus your energy

We are brainwashed into believing that as we grow older we have less worth and become less desirable.

But it’s actually a choice – whether you slip into obscurity, or step into becoming the passionate, empowered, sensual, vital, wise, compassionate woman that you truly are.

Of course, making this leap is a journey, and one we cannot make alone. We need allies, encouragement, witnessing, support and great tools. Above all though, we need to prioritise ourselves sufficiently to make it happen.

If this resonates, come and join me in nine weeks and:, come and join me for an afternoon for nine weeks and:

  • have more ease, relaxation and spaciousness as you let go of your own and others’ expectations
  • gain more clarity about what you truly want
  • dissolve some of the barriers to manifesting these dreams
  • feel more radiant, delicious and desirable as you uncover your inner radiance
  • access your true power – which is about being authentic and doing what you love rather than pushing yourself or having something to prove
  • let go of fear and anxiety about the future
  • find your voice and speak your truth
  • say no with ease and grace
  • Feel like the radiant, powerful, sacred goddess that you truly are.

Now I’m aware that I’m promising a lot here… and our psyches can only handle a certain amount of change at one time. But I can promise you that you will experience a significant shift – precisely the transformation that you personally need.

I have been running courses, mainly for women, for almost a decade. This is a link to some testimonials for my work. I give 100% and if you’re willing to do the same then magic happens!

Right now peri and post menopausal women are the single group with the most potential to effect positive change on the planet. We have it all – emotional intelligence, wisdom, compassion, life experience, intuition, creativity – but we’ve just been told a load of hogwash about having less worth as we grow older. Enough of this!

If you would like to come to a free taster session before committing then you can register here.

Finally,    here.   is a video about the course. I didn’t plan what I was going to say and only did one take so it’s a bit repetitive… but at least you get a sense of who I am and what the course is about: