EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is similar to acupuncture except that you tap on specific points on the body rather than using needles.

What it is most effective for is releasing stagnant old emotional energy that stays trapped in the tissues of the body, often for decades, and the detrimental negative beliefs which this old stuck energy keeps locked in place.

All of us have this stuck energy in our bodies, and it prevents us from flowing with life, manifesting our deepest longings, feeling happy, joyful, empowered and connected.

You can also use EFT to dissolve trauma, which is extraordinary because trauma is so difficult to heal. There are only a couple of other modalities I am aware of which work on trauma effectively, and they take years to learn.

Where as you can learn EFT in about five minutes. Even someone who has never done any inner work before can pick it up and give themselves or someone else a decent session after about 15 minutes of training. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to work on deep trauma with so little training, but even this can be mastered relatively quickly.

For me though, the most interesting direction in terms of using EFT is permanent embodied spiritual awakening.

Life is a journey of shifting from an ego-based reality to an essence- or soul-based reality. However, the rigid aspect of the ego is just a bunch of beliefs, hard-wired into the psyche, which control our whole existence. But given that EFT is the single most effective modality at dissolving stuck beliefs… it therefore follows that you can use EFT to gradually, safely and effectively dissolve the ego one day at a time.

You don’t even have to have a plan! Life gives you the map… you simply work with whatever is ‘up’ for you – whatever your current issue or edges are, or whatever comes up in the moment in your session – and this is invariably the key to letting go of whatever aspect of your ego is now ready to fall away.

And so little by little, not only is your life improving in every single area – health, wealth, relationships, happiness and joy – but you are also gradually dissolving the ego which allows you to feel increasingly awake, alive, on track, in the flow, connected with yourself and everything else, passionate about your work, engaged with your life, in alignment with the divine and deeply participating in life – as opposed to feeling separate.

For me, EFT is a key to both permanent embodied spiritual awakening and living the life of your dreams.