The thing about visions is that they don't need to be realistic. Because if they are realistic, to your mind as it is right now, then they are precisely that: a mirror of your mind as it is right now. Rather than a mirror of your magnificent future self. Committing to a big vision is [...]

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Feminine Alchemy

Uncovering our own authentic power   What the early feminists succeeded so adroitly in doing was to challenge the archetypes and roles which women had been forced into for generations. However, they largely found their own power by copying men – focusing on achieving things, becoming more competitive and assertive, and identifying with their rational [...]

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Letting your light shine…

Do you find that you sabotage yourself? That you formulate powerful intentions, and take action towards manifesting them, but then some major block appears, like your finances fall apart, or you suddenly get sick, or your child has a major difficulty which requires all of your attention… This is likely to be because there are [...]

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Living deeply in our bodies

When we heal what prevents us from feeling good in our own skin, our inner light is switched on and we can attract whatever we need   I used to tell myself that it didn’t matter how I looked or felt about my body. When I lived in Thailand 20 years ago, I used to [...]

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