Working with EFT and Sapphira has been amazingly powerful. She has a real gift and deep understanding of this work from having really walked the walk with it in her own process. She has a unique client-led approach which honours anything and everything that comes up with huge love and compassion. Unimaginable transformations take place quickly and effortlessly – if anything is a magic wand, this is it! I have been able to work with deep early trauma that nothing pereviously has seemed to touch, with almost instant benefit. Sapphira is a wonderful facilitator of this work and I highly recommend her.  AJ

The transformative work that Sapphira offers is powerful beyond compare. I never thought it possible that negative, deeply limiting thought patterns and beliefs, that have been stuck inside me, entrenched in me for so many years, detrimentally shaping my life and holding back my potential to flourish and live life joyfully, could be so totally released in one session.

I have had this experience, of breaking out of the knots that hold me down, on multiple occasions through working with Sapphira. It is like the dragonfly larva going into the cocoon – the unwanted part of me is totally dissolved and the new me, unfettered by those parts, takes shape and goes forth on the wing.

When it comes to working with psychological and emotional issues that you want to move beyond, I cannot recommend working with Sapphira more highly. SM

This work has been of enormous benefit to me, as I embrace a new life direction, following my bliss. I’ve felt incredibly supported by Sapphira, who is truly professional and intuitive and loving, all at the same time. I think EFT tapping has brought me a steady inner confidence, and is a reliable, sustainable tool. I value the compassionate space that we meet in.   AD

I really believe Sapphira has a gift to share with the world. The depth of her own experience is very apparent, and her quality of holding and caring is so supportive – it’s what makes it possible to access deep places very easily. I also really enjoyed her sense of humour and fun, which makes the work so accessible. Anything goes!    AL

Sapphira’s teaching and facilitation has supported me with a powerful learning and journey. I highly recommend it to others who want to shift negative patterns and develop new skills to enable their own healing and spiritual awakening.   TL

This work allows what is. In this there is a deep relaxation, and a chance to release that which we suppress. It is wonderful to allow all of ourselves, and allow it to be, including the dark, without any need to change it.   IC

I really feel blessed to have discovered this potent technique, and wish I’d discovered it years ago. Why is it not taught as school? It’s been hugely transformative for me. In a matter of a short time, it has enabled me to release a lot of stuck emotion that has held me back. A very safe place to admit one’s troubles and be given real working tools to resolve them. I was surprised it was so effective, having tried many other remedies before. I’ll definitely be continuing with this work.   AD

Doing this course enabled me to really value myself more as a woman. I found myself standing up for myself a lot more in everyday life, and valuing my time and energy with regard to others too.   IR

Sapphira is warm, caring and extremely competent. It feels very safe to explore difficult issues with her. She is unshockable!   ML

I can’t thank you enough for the powerful release that you skillfully and compassionately facilitated for me last week.  It feels such a huge release to have been able to access and finally let go of all that stuff. I feel lighter, stronger, more myself and more empowered!    KB  April 14

I have been working with Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT – under Sapphira’s guidance for a year and a half, first as her student and now on a therapeutic one-to-one basis.  She has such a passion for EFT and her enthusiasm is infectious.  She works with honesty, integrity, energy and a whole-hearted belief in the ability of each and every one of us to find the power within ourselves to change and grow.I find EFT helps me to free myself from negative self-judgements and anxieties, to find clarity of mind, and to discern the way forward on my journey through life.  I greatly value the support and compassion Sapphira has offered me during this time, and I count myself blessed to know such a truly wonderful woman. PM

I have been coming to the fortnightly EFT Practice Group for six months and I have found it to be a profoundly supportive and creative space. Sapphira holds this space with great integrity, skill and respect for each individual in the group. This ‘container’ she provides is what allows and encourages the possibility of individual breakthroughs, the changing of lifetimes of destructive patterns into life-enhancing ones with the magical potency of EFT. It’s great!  JC

When I first started working with Sapphira using EFT  I was curious but my expectations were not high. I was familiar with the form of EFT and had experienced it as moderately helpful, however, working with Sapphira has completely changed my opinion of this healing, transformational work. I now feel that I am emerging from a long dark tunnel of difficulties which have hampered my health, my career and my relationships for my entire life, and that is due to the creativity and  vision which Sapphira brings to the process. I cannot recommend her classes and courses highly enough  SN