Prayer is one of the things that keeps me on track in my life.

I first learned to pray from Marianne Williamson’s books. I love the way she prays – her prayers are very simple and direct. Dear God, may … happen, thank you. So different from the boring and inaccessible prayers I grew up with, that alienated me from the divine.

I then read Tosha Silver’s book Outrageous Opening. It’s so funny, inspiring and easy to read – I read it cover to cover in a few hours. And I love the depth and meaning of her work.

And this is the prayer I now say each day, inspired by both Marianne and Tosha, and myself!


I place myself in your loving arms
May I feel Your great love for me
May I feel Your divine beneficence towards me
And may I feel Your total acceptance of me
May I feel Your energy running through my veins
And May I feel Your intelligence within me.

Please guide me in every moment day and night
So that I am aligned with You
So that I am aligned with the flow of Life
So that I am always in the right place at the right time
Safe, secure, empowered and creative
Nestled forever in Your divine embrace

May Your absolute highest plan unfold through me today
And please send me clear signs of which direction to follow
May I feel worthy of receiving my highest good
And remember that miracles do come my way

Today I will live with an awareness of Your Love just waiting to aid me in every area of my life
And I request that my angels, ancestors and spirit guides also assist me
So that I can live my absolute highest possibility today and every day

God/Goddess that is within me and within all of life
Dissolve all energy in my bodymind system that is not totally in alignment with You
So that I am living from my divine essence
Rather than my conditioned self

And may I always remember
That You are the Source of my material, emotional and financial abundance
And that I can rest in absolute certainty
That all that I need always comes

You are welcome to lift this, change it, do whatever you like with it!