I have been engaged with spiritual practise and emotional healing for almost three decades.Hands on heart semi cropped I started off with meditation and this gave me what felt like a direct line to God.

However, it didn’t help me emotionally – I still had incredibly low self esteem, major body image issues and deep wounding from my family of origin – I grew up with scapegoating, emotional and physical violence, sexual abuse, bullying…  And so I then began a long long healing journey, exploring every modality I could find – including counselling, psychotherapy, art therapy, shamanism, tantra, body psychotherapy, co-counselling, lomi lomi massage, movement, cranio-sacral therapy…

In the end though, the single tool which has been the most transformational in my life is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. When it is done in a person-centred and body-focused way it is phenomenal in dissolving blocks to happiness, joy and permanent spiritual awakening.

I do it every day without fail, either on my own or with a buddy. It resolves whatever I am busy with – a negative belief about myself or the world, a difficulty in a relationship, a block in whatever area of my life, dissolving emotions… as well as using ‘positive EFT; to enable me to manifest whatever I want – more happiness, joy, giving and receiving love, abundance…

I cannot even start to express the depth of transformation that has been possible using EFT on both myself and my clients.

I am also a big fan of prayer – I believe that it helps me to stay on track in my life – in the flow. Inspired by Marianne Williamson and Tosha Silver, here is the prayer I say every day.

I’m also currently training in sound healing and learning chi gung.


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