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Letting your light shine…

Do you find that you sabotage yourself? That you formulate powerful intentions, and take action towards manifesting them, but then some major block appears, like your finances fall apart, or you suddenly get sick, or your child has a major difficulty which requires all of your attention… This is likely to be because there are [...]

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Living deeply in our bodies

When we heal what prevents us from feeling good in our own skin, our inner light is switched on and we can attract whatever we need   I used to tell myself that it didn’t matter how I looked or felt about my body. When I lived in Thailand 20 years ago, I used to [...]

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What God Wants

Christianity has a lot to answer for. Not all of the clergy of course, or Jesus Christ himself, but the political institution of Christianity which has kept our souls in prison for close to two thousand years. As retired bishop Shelby Spong recently admitted on camera, the Church invented hell ‘as a control tactic’. It [...]

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